Obsession of Celebrities

19 Mar

Society is obsessed with celebrities. These can be celebrities including the typical movie stars and reality show participants to professional athletics or comic con characters. We are fascinated by others who seem to have it all. We are engulfed in the glamor of fame. And even as you start to debate that we are not, you are still talking about them. How many people bash the Kardashians? Yet, there you are talking about the krazy clan. Baddie Bey gets negative comments left on her Instagram…yet there are the people looking at her Instagram in the first place. If we hate these celebrities so much, why do we care? Why do we continue to follow them? Or talk about them?

My whole life I have been fascinated by ones that are on television. But more than that I am fascinated on why people get so fascinated. Why do guys yell at the TV screen as their favorite player makes the same mistake every game? Why am I glued to the television for 4 hours watching the Oscars and cringing at Seth McFarlane’s comments when I have 10 hours of homework to do? I don’t have the answer. But it’s amazing to me.

I believe we all enjoy the escape of our real lives into these others lives. I also believe that we all have multiple lives, and maybe we all hope that in our next life we will be riding in the limousine popping champagne and wearing diamonds. No, just me? I never place the value on these fancy things and do not wish to be materialistic, so why is there that fascination? It must include some psychological egotistical babble that is far beyond my comprehension. But through this blog I will post my fascinations, my wonders and thoughts on these glamorous, or not so glamorous, human beings.

I love all things in the entertainment world; tv, music, fashion, movies, etc. To me it’s all an art. A well scripted and articulated television show is a piece of art that is sculpted to perfection. So while I do get wrapped up in all the glitz and bling of Hollywood, at the end of the day I love the creative side of television most of all. Luckily there is the other dramatic side to keep me entertained along the way.

Join me.

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